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Loyalty Points: The Traditional Reward for Modern Growth

Learn how brands like Nintendo and Soylent use loyalty points to keep customers engaged, and what a customized points program could do for your growth.

When, Why and How to Use Gift Cards as Referral Rewards

Launching a referral program? Here's everything you need to know about using gift cards for your referral program rewards.

4 Signs It’s Time to Switch to SaaSquatch

If you aren’t getting the support you need, your growth has plateaued, and your business needs can’t be supported, it’s time to switch to SaaSquatch.

Product Updates: Internal Notes, Widget Customization + More

Learn how SaaSquatch is changing to help you develop better relationships with your customers, streamline reward management, and get a better ROI.

Referral Reward Tiers: The secret to a better ROI

Set up referral reward tiers to get a better ROI, boost program engagement, and automatically personalize each reward.
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SaaSquatch Begins SoC 2 Audit Process

SaaSquatch is set to earn SoC 2 Type II compliance by the end of 2020. Choose a referral software vendor you can trust with your data.

What Subscription Services Are Getting Wrong About Customer Loyalty

What's the most effective way for a subscription service to drive customer loyalty? Learn the one lifecycle stage you need to master.

6 Ways to Get More Referrals with Psychology

Understand what makes your customers say "yes" and supercharge your referral program with the 6 universal principles of influence.

A Solution to Blue Apron’s Retention Problem

Is Blue Apron addicted to customer acquisition? We dive into how this killed their growth, and what it must to do get on track to profitability.
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3 Steps to Loyalty Program Personalization

We all know that loyalty program personalization drives more results, but there can be confusion around the best way to achieve it. We're here to help!