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What makes a great partner marketing program?

The makings of a great partner marketing program is all in the experience you deliver. Like any great engagement program, if you can make it intuitive and fun to use, you’ve got yourself a winner!

SaaSquatch makes it easy for partners to find and track their activity and the status of their referrals through custom-branded microsites. We keep things simple for you too, and connect to your back-end systems to share and send data for automated workflows.

Create a great referral experience that users will enjoy using to manage their referral activities with SaaSquatch microsites.

Secure, multi-page microsite

Create a great referral experience that partners will enjoy using to manage their referral activities.

With SaaSquatch you can reward users for specific in-app behaviors and engage at key moments of their customer journey

Automated reward fulfillment

Save precious time and set up your program to automatically issue rewards.

Use one of our native integrations or APIs to add important referral data to lead and customer records in your CRM

Integrated into back-end systems

Connect your CRM and update customer records with referral data through APIs and integrations.

With SaaSquatch you can add recurring rewards, tiered rewards and time-based offers to your programs.

Multiple Incentive Structures

Sweeten the deal and add recurring rewards, tiered rewards and time-based offers to your programs.

From cash payouts to product discounts, offer your participants the incentives they can't resist with SaaSquatch.

Diverse reward offerings

From cash payouts to product discounts, offer your participants the incentives they can’t resist.

Keep driving results by letting partners know how they're doing. You can do this by setting up your program notification emails right within the SaaSquatch platform.

Referral status and activity tracking

Whether it’s through the microsite dashboard or email notifications, keep driving results by letting partners know how they’re doing.

Build secure referral experiences for your partners, influencers, affiliates and customers with our Microsite Editor

What makes SaaSquatch partner marketing programs shine?

Seamless end-user experiences

Setting up your referral microsite is a breeze with our microsite editor. Key features include:

  • One-click auto setup to get your up and running quickly
  • An intuitive interface for customizing your content
  • Flexibility to add custom web components through an HTML editor
With SaaSquatch's referral program software you can Incentivize your customers with the rewards they actually want like giftcards, points, cash, credit and more!

Robust rewards library

With SaaSquatch you can incentivize both your partner and the person they’re referring with rewards such as:

  • Gift cards
  • Points
  • Credit and discounts
  • Product features and upgrades
  • Cash payouts through 3rd party integrations
  • Custom rewards
With SaaSquatch Referral & Loyalty Software you can seamlessly integrate with your entire tech stack to fit the way you already work.

Flexible and custom program setup

With our powerful APIs and native integrations, you can run and track advanced programs that automatically reward your partners and the people they’re referring for custom behaviors.


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SaaSquatch in an industry leader referral and loyalty marketing software, as seen on

“One of the best things about implementing SaaSquatch was that it helped us create a process for our referral program. This was a new territory for us, and the team was helpful with questions ranging from the actual implementation to best practices for referral programs. No one on our team had run a referral program before, so their insights were very, very welcome and appreciated.”


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Top platform features

Our referral program software gives users unique referral codes and links to share with their network.

Custom referral codes and links

SaaSquatch Referral & Loyalty Software has robust analytics so that you adjust your strategy and make the most out of your program

Referral status tracking

Our referral program software allows users to configure the points of conversion, giving you more flexibility and resulting in the perfect program that your customers will love.

Automated reward fulfillment

Create more advanced, tiered, multi-objective referral programs with the SaaSquatch referral program software

Multi-tier reward structures

With SaaSquatch Referral & Loyalty Software you can create custom branded experiences for your users

Custom-branded microsites

With SaaSquatch Referral Program Software you can either create microsites or embedd the referral widget right in your mobile or web app

Customizable notification emails

With SaaSquatch you can reward any in or out-of-app action with any reward type.

Diverse reward offerings

Keep your program secure and use SaaSquatch team user roles to assign specific permission levels to team members.

Team member roles and permissions

Keep your lifecycle marketing programs safe using SSO with Okta, SAML, AzureAD, Google

SSO with Okta, SAML, AzureAD, Google

Learn how teaming up with SaaSquatch meant RingCentral could bring their customer referral program visions to life.

RingCentral: Tapping into the power of their people to grow.

Learn how this leading provider of cloud communications solutions is leveraging the SaaSquatch platform to engage multiple types of advocates through our partner, referral and loyalty modules.

Got questions? We have answers.

What is a partner marketing program?

Partner marketing is a strategic collaboration between parties, whether it’s two businesses or a business and an individual, such as an influencer.

Partner programs are often used to establish relationships between businesses that offer complimentary products in order to create more value for their respective customers.

Partners often have the ability to give preferential pricing to the people they refer and are typically rewarded with cash for their referrals, often on a commission basis. One of the main differentiators of a partner program is the high level of engagement between the partner and the brand. It’s not unusual for partners to be trained on the product, provided with marketing collateral, and even assigned a representative from the brand.

What's the difference between partner and affiliate marketing programs?

Affiliate programs are basically partner programs open to the broader public. Instead of your business recruiting a network of official partners to sell on your behalf, affiliates will come to you and apply to join your program.

While an affiliate is technically the “partner” of a business, the relationship is much different than a true “partner program”.

Your partners are often trained salespeople from businesses with whom you have a high level of trust to represent your brand well. This is often leveraged in the B2B industry where the buying process is longer and involves multiple decision-makers.

This program is typically used in B2C industries where the buying process takes no more than a few clicks and approval from only one stakeholder – the consumer.

In short, this program is broad and opens up the opportunity to partner with more people than just those in your “inner circle” and can drive more business faster.  It’s perfect for businesses looking for quick wins.

However, if you prefer cultivating closer relationships with fewer partners, then a partner program might be the better option.  It all depends on your business objectives and how you want to engage with partners. Ultimately, it’s up to you!  If you’re looking for a mix of both, then choosing an affiliate network that offers partner programs can be an ideal solution.

Read more about the difference in our blog post: An introduction to Affiliate Programs »

What is referral marketing?

Referral marketing revolves around the shared relationship between your customers, their friends or associates and your brand. Current customers personally promote your brand to new users to earn rewards, ideally for both themselves and their friends.

Successful customer referral marketing programs motivate customers to share your brand with their family, friends, and associates in a straightforward, natural fashion. Encouraging happy customers to become active brands ambassadors is simple, so referral marketing sets your company up for conversions while rewarding users for their participation.

How much can we customize the microsites?

With the SaaSquatch Microsite Editor you have the option to choose from one of our existing microsite templates and make it your own by updating the colors, fonts and imagery.

You can also completely customize your microsites using CSS and HTML or build your own from our APIs.

What type of rewards should we offer?

In our research, we discovered that dollar credit is the most popular reward type across all industries, such as a “Give $10, Get $10” double-sided incentive. Check out the State of Referral Marketing Report to learn more about the different kinds of reward types and what might be best for you.

With SaaSquatch you can reward with dollar credit or with:

  • Gift cards
  • Credit rewards
  • Coupon codes
  • Points
  • Cash payouts
  • Custom rewards

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