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When launching your referral and partner programs, the success of your program is determined by how active your partners and referrers are. They are the most crucial factor in the success of your campaigns. You have to provide them with a central place to engage with your business, track how much revenue they have generated from referring their friends, monitor their progress to stay motivated and keep getting users to sign up.

Unfortunately, building a customizable portal with all the referral and partner analytics your program users need requires time, resources, and multi-team involvement dramatically slowing down how fast you can deploy a revenue-generating solution.


SaaSquatch’s partner portal gives you an out of the box solution so your team can hit the ground running. Our customizable portal allows your program participants to log in and see how many people they have referred to your business, motivating them to keep referring other users which continually increases the effectiveness of your programs.

Our solution gives you everything you need to keep your partners and refers up to date without tying up multiple teams in your company to create a custom solution.

Find out how companies like Endy are saving time and resources by using the SaaSquatch custom portal along with their referral program.

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