Best in class companies leverage partner programs to grow

Increase Customer Reach

Use SaaSquatch’s Partner program to turn partners into champions and extend your reach to your target market. Easily reward partners who refer your company customers through commissions, points, or a custom reward of your choosing.

Build Better Relationships With Your Brand Champions

Partner programs give your partners a reason to refer business to your company and lets them know they’re valued. SaaSquatch’s dashboard also lets you see who your brand champions are so you can reach out to them and create an even stronger relationship further driving growth.

Offer Commission-Based Cash Rewards

Partner programs give you unlimited flexibility. Quickly define and send your users percentage based cash or commission based rewards for sales they’ve generated. You can also set refund periods so partners aren’t overpaid when customers are refunded.

Launch Campaigns in Minutes Not Months

Once SaaSquatch is set up, you and your team hit the ground running and launch programs in minutes. Partner programs allow you to quickly start offering rewards so your partners can drive sales faster than ever before.

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