Customized referral programs that fit you and your customers' needs

SaaSquatch referral program software allows teams to build customized and fully-automated referral programs that engage customers in the right way, in the right place, with the right offer.

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Create winning experiences, get 5x more referrals.

Like any great engagement program if it's fun and easy to use, you've got yourself a winner! Unlock the full potential of referrals by creating best in-class experiences with SaaSquatch and you too can get 5x more referrals. How it's done:

checkmark Customize your program's assets to match your brand
checkmark Incentivize with the right rewards
checkmark Place your program at key touch points
checkmark Encourage participation with additional offers

How it works:

Design Program Structure-min

#1: Design your program's reward structure

Pick your incentive, decide who you're rewarding and when. Sweeten the deal and add recurring rewards, tiered rewards and time-based offers.

Build assets-min

#2: Build your referral program's assets

Use our builders to create on brand emails, widgets and microsites. Add additional elements like leaderboards to encourage more referrals.

Integrate into systems-min

#3: Integrate into your backend systems

Connect your tools to reward based off virtually any event. Then drive referral data back into your tools for automated reward fulfillment and follow-up.

Place at key moments-min

#4: Place your program where it counts

Embed your program at key touch points to maximize its potential. From a page on your website to the post-purchase thank you page, the options are endless.


#5: Launch and promote your referral program

We integrate with your existing business tools and systems so you can run top-notch promo campaigns using program assets like referral codes and links.

Track and analyze-min

#6: Track, monitor and adjust as needed

Pull reports directly from our analytics dashboard to measure the performance of your programs. Monitor engagement, revenue generated and more.

Ready to Unlock New & Recurring Revenue?


Build seamless, on-brand program assets.

Create beautiful, on-brand referral widgets, microsites and emails with our pick-and-plop builders. Choose from one of our templates and make it your own, or using HTML/CSS create assets that are completely unique to your brand.

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Incentivize with the rewards your customers actually want.

With SaaSquatch referral program software you can reward both the referred and referring user! Incentivize both participants with rewards such as:

  • Gift cards and points
  • Credit and discounts
  • Product features and upgrades
  • Custom rewards and cash through 3rd party integrations
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Boost your program with additional offers.

Encourage even more participation and add extra elements like:

  • Leaderboards: Offer bonus rewards for your top referrers
  • Multi-tier rewards: Reward more than one action
  • Reward Exchanges: Let users pick their own reward
  • Time-based offers: Reward actions, or number of actions, taken during a specific time-period

Engage your customers at every step of their journey.

Through referral program logic, flexible APIs and native integrations, you can run fully-automated programs that support your customer journey including programs that can encourage:

  • Free trial signups
  • Purchases
  • Account activations
  • And much more!

Get customers for 45% less than paid ads.

Top Referral Program Software Features

referral product page icon-43

Unique referral codes and links

referral product page features icons-35

Custom participant experiences

referral product page features icons-39

Custom reward triggers

referral product page features icons-37

Flexible, embeddable placements

referral product page features icons-32

Automated reward fulfillment

referral product page features icons-36

Tier + time-based offers

referral product page features icons-38

Gamification through leaderboards

homepage_top feature icons-22

Segmentation & personalization

referral product page features icons-33

Diverse reward offerings

referral product page features icons-40

SSO with Okta, SAML, AzureAD, Google

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Team user roles and permissions

homepage_top feature icons-16

Referral status and activity tracking

As far as our program results go, I am very pleased about the way things are going. I am also excited and optimistic for what we can accomplish with SaaSquatch. The tools and capabilities we wished for many years ago are finally at our fingertips, and we’re excited about the possibilities this brings for building an avenue where customers can show their happiness.

Nate Yip


Simplified program set-up with integrations & APIs

SaaSquatch integrates with your tech stack to fit the way you already work.

Sync data into SaaSquatch from your CRM to segment your members and reward based off of virtually any event. Then drive referral activity back into your platforms for seamless rewards fulfillment and follow-up.

SaaSquatch integrates with the tools you already know and love

If you want even more flexibility, we offer webhooks, REST and GraphQL APIs.

Got questions? We have answers.

SaaSquatch referral program software supports:

  • A large catalog of gift cards
  • Points, credit and discounts
  • Product features and upgrades
  • Custom rewards and cash through 3rd party integrations


With the SaaSquatch drag-and-drop widget builder you have the option to choose from one of our existing templates and make it your own by updating the colors, fonts and imagery. You can also completely customize a widget using CSS and HTML or build your own from our APIs.

We've done the research, we have one of the most customizable and advanced experience builders in the market!

Referral programs allow your users and customers to refer their friends to your business.

Whereas loyalty programs reward users for completing in-app and out-of-app actions such as: Upgrading their account, renewing, sharing content on social, signing up for a program, etc.

What do we recommend you choose? Both! With the SaaSquatch LifeCycle package you can run both referral and loyalty programs to engage your customers at every stage in their journey from sign up to activation, to retention and beyond.

At SaaSquatch we are in the results business offering low friction and high converting end-user experiences.

During onboarding, our team of industry experts will work with your team to create the best possible program that aligns with your strategy. This results in quality referral programs that achieve results.

Average onboarding timelines range from two weeks to three months.

Timelines are dependent on the complexity of your program, size of your company and resources available.

Referral marketing revolves around the shared relationship between your customers, their friends or associates and your brand. Current customers personally promote your brand to new users to earn rewards, ideally for both themselves and their friends.

Successful referral campaigns motivate customers to share your brand with their family, friends, and associates in a straightforward, natural fashion. Encouraging happy customers to become active brands ambassadors is simple, so referral marketing sets your company up for conversions while rewarding users for their participation.

Have more questions? Contact us and we'll get back to you asap!