The Right Offer for Every Partner, Influencer or Affiliate

The right rewards make all the difference to the success of your referral program. SaaSquatch gives you the flexibility to build and test reward structures without redeploying your app or changing any code. Key features include:

  • Commission rewards for only what referred customers spend
  • Refund and fraud management
  • Cash, gift cards, credit and more reward types
  • Payout and partner management

Install Once, Grow Forever

Whether you’re looking to start with just one referral program or launch a Partner, Affiliate, Influencer and Customer referral program all at once the SaaSquatch platform has you covered. Specific features include:

  • Multi-program and multi-currency support
  • Customizable conversion points
  • Automatic in-app or 3rd party payout
  • Success coaching and engineering support

Power Features Without the Learning Curve

Configure, publish and analyze your programs all from the SaaSquatch dashboard. Simply install the SaaSquatch platform once and endlessly optimize your partner, affiliate and influencer programs. Several key aspects are:

  • Configureable commission and tiered payouts
  • Customizeable special offers for referred customers
  • Easy-to-use visual email and widget editor
  • Automated reward issuing and management
  • Referrer management and reporting

Seamless, Native and Local Experiences

Customer experience (CX) is a key battle ground for marketers today. With SaaSquatch, digital businesses can run seamless partner, affiliate and influencer marketing programs in the most complex situations. With SaaSquatch you get:

  • Native┬ámobile app experience
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support
  • Seamless web app experience
  • Robust collection of APIs and WebHooks to build on
  • Extensible reward program structures
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The Referral SaaSquatch platform helps us harness the power of word-of-mouth in a highly scalable and trackable way.
Pedro Magrico

Director of Marketing, Typeform

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