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4 Signs It’s Time to Switch to SaaSquatch

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How do you feel interacting with your customer referral platform every day? Are you impressed by the continued addition of new features, or are you frustrated with the lack of options?

Every minute you spend working around referral platform limitations and lack of flexibility is time that should be spent driving your growth forward.

Even if you feel stuck, you don’t need to stay committed to a referral provider that isn’t exceeding (or meeting) your expectations.

If you aren’t getting the support you need, your growth has plateaued, or your business needs have changed but can’t be supported by your current system, it’s time to switch to SaaSquatch.

The best part is, we make the transition easy. Our referral importer takes in your historical referral information so you don’t need to start from ground zero. Instead, you can pick up right where you left off with new confidence that your goals are being supported by a team that understands your pain points.

We get that a buildup of switching costs makes us stay with software providers longer than we should - these are the costs that add up in terms of time, effort, money, and planning needed to transfer systems. But these aren’t worth sacrificing the growth of your business.

4 Signs It's Time to Switch to SaaSquatch

1. You’re ready to move beyond just referrals

Maybe a referral program was the first reward program you needed to jumpstart your growth, but you’ve realized there’s opportunity in engaging customers with VIP rewards, winback campaigns, and other offers.

But now you’re stuck with a referral-only platform and it’s the only program you can run without switching to a new provider. There’s no reason to buy different platforms for each kind of program and re-integrate your systems for each one when you can do it all with one solution.

The SaaSquatch loyalty library is a set of programs created to maximize conversions and revenue throughout your entire customer lifecycle. Even if all you need right now is a referral program, you can build it with the confidence that your reward programs will grow alongside you.

2. You have a complex customer journey

We know that your customer’s buying journey doesn’t always start and end with a single transaction.

Maybe as a subscription service, your customers start in a trial status and move through different subscription plans, all while floating between your brand’s ecosystem of products - and they do this from their phone and computer.

Whether you want to offer customers more visibility into where their referred friends are in the buying process, or stack multiple custom rules to define a referral conversion, or you need to support multi-step sales processes, we understand that your customer journey requires more than a cookie-cutter template built for a basic e-store.

When referrals have always revolved around e-commerce and individual transactions, complex customer journeys aren’t understood by everyone. But longer sales cycles, multiple touchpoints, and increasing customer power means that complex customer journeys are becoming the new normal.

And we know how to support them. Ask us about it.

3. You want a flexible platform that’s always improving

When your referral program provider stops advancing their platform, it feels like you’re left to fend for yourself.

You deserve a platform that’s always delivering new and better features to support your unique business. Maybe you’re jumping through hoops to make up for a third-party integration that’s been “Coming Soon” forever, or there’s a feature that’s supposed to work but after months and months of “getting to it” it still doesn’t. Instead, you could switch to a provider who listens to your needs and takes action to support it.

In the last few months alone, SaaSquatch has released a brand new tiered rewards structure, comprehensive security updates, front-end portal upgrades, customizable commission reward structures, integrations with Zapier and Segment, and more.

Check out our most recent product updates here!

Don’t let your referral program goals be limited by a provider who isn’t willing to support it.

4. You’re not getting the support you need

Whether you’re brand new to referrals, or ready to make your next big iteration, having a team of experts on your side is crucial in getting the results you want.

As veterans of the customer referral space, we know what works and what doesn’t. From setting up your first program to helping you make the right decisions and changes along the way, you’re in good hands at SaaSquatch.

We’ve helped the world’s leading brands launch hundreds of successful referral and loyalty programs. Our team is always available to help you through design and review calls to make sure you are maximizing your program’s ROI.

We open up direct Slack channels with your team so that you always know who you’re talking to and how to reach us.

Ready to switch to SaaSquatch?

You don’t need to feel stuck with your referral provider

If a platform like SaaSquatch is what you need, don’t let switching costs stop you.

The worst part of using a software platform that no longer meets your needs is the feeling of being stuck as a result of the time you’ve invested in it so far.

Even if you know that an alternative solution has better features, the support you need, and the customizations that would drive your business to the next level, switching costs can add up and prevent you from taking action.

And we get it. No one wants to lose their data and feel like you have to start from ground zero, especially when customer relationships are on the line.

But if you're looking to get more out of your referral program provider with SaaSquatch, we’ve made it easy to make the leap.

We created the SaaSquatch referral program importer specifically to help you make a smooth transition without discarding your program data and starting all over again.

Why switching to SaaSquatch is easier than ever

The SaaSquatch referral importer lets you import your referral program user and reward data into SaaSquatch, creating a seamless experience for both program managers and end users.

Easily migrate data from your existing referral program with a provider like Ambassador, FriendBuy, or Referral Rock, so your end users don't lose their activity history, and you don’t lose your program analytics.

Import historical data about referrals* including:

  • Who made the referral
  • Who was referred
  • What rewards were given out (unit, value, expiry date, etc.)
  • When rewards were fulfilled

*Import of referral attributes subject to current vendor restrictions. Talk to us for more details.

Then, once your referral program is up and running to support new, present-day referrals, your program analytics will be populated with accurate data and your participants list will be completely up-to-date.

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Ready to switch to SaaSquatch?