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How to Get More Customer Referrals (Part 1)

How are you leveraging your most powerful acquisition tool? Learn 8 new ways to get more customer referrals and boost sales.

Top Mobile Referral Program Examples [2021]

What makes a world-class mobile referral program? Learn how top digital brands engage users on every device and drive more referrals.
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10 Ways to Promote your Referral Program

Referral programs won't promote themselves, so we're here to help! Check out 10 different ways you can drive more traffic to your program.
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Level Up Your Referral and Loyalty Programs with Gamification

Boost participation and engagement with five gamification strategies that get customers excited about your referral and loyalty programs.
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10 SaaS Referral Program Examples

Take a look at the top SaaS referral program examples and learn how these companies leverage in-app programs to get incredible results.

What Makes a Partner Program Work?

A Partner Program can increase your market reach, boost sales, and accelerate growth. Don't waste time and money - learn what you need to get it right.

8 Examples of Telecom Referral Marketing

Telecom referral marketing creates a steady stream of engaged users with their brand advocates generating new users with word-of-mouth messaging ...

How RealtyNinja referrals convert 2x higher than paid ads and free trial signups

With SaaSquatch, RealtyNinja sees 2x higher conversion rates from referrals over paid ads and free trial signups, and continues to grow their customer base.

Winning Back Lost Customers: 5 Tips for Success

Your past customers are your best prospects. Launch a rewards-based win back program to reduce churn, increase spending frequency, and promote new services.

10 Referral Programs That Are Shaking Up the Finance Industry

Learn from 10 financial industry referral marketing examples used to showcase brand personality and change the way companies acquire and keep top customers.