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The Advocacy Channel Ep. 24: Beyond Word of Mouth: Exploring The Potential of Referral Marketing with Seasoned Expert Keith Posehn

Listen to this episode to learn expert advice from a mastermind behind the referral programs at Square, Uber, and Caviar.
Sarah Moody & Angela Wells

The Advocacy Channel Ep. 23: Customer Advocacy at the Top: Navigating Executive Engagement for Optimal Business Growth

Tune into our latest episode to learn about executive customer advocacy and best practices around building effective executive programs.
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The Advocacy Channel Ep. 22: The Anatomy of a Successful SaaS Case Study: A Deep Dive with Emily Amos

Listen to our latest episode of The Advocacy Channel to learn best practices on creating effective B2B SaaS case studies.
Patrick Kalie customer marketing blog post

The Advocacy Channel Ep. 21: Navigating Customer Marketing: From In-Person Events to Digital Communities with Patrick Kalie

Whether you're just dipping your toes into the world of customer marketing or wanting to fine-tune your skills, after this episode, you will learn all the essential tips on customer marketing initiatives.
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Embracing a new chapter: SaaSquatch joins forces with

SaaSquatch has been acquired by the leading partnership management platform, Read all about it here »
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Cutting-Edge B2B Lead Generation Strategies in 2024

In the realm of B2B marketing, staying ahead necessitates embracing innovative strategies. Check out these top 8 B2B lead generation tactics.

Loyalty Program Software: The Ultimate Marketing Tool

This blog post explores loyalty program software, its benefits, and provides tips for creating a successful program.

How Referral Marketing Drives Ecommerce Success

Referral marketing guide for ecommerce success: learn the benefits, strategies, & steps in this comprehensive resource.
ecommerce personalization

The Role of Ecommerce Personalization In Referral Marketing

Learn how customization & ecommerce personalization can help drive referral marketing results. We make it easy with tips & advice!

The Power of Referral Programs and Ecommerce

Explore the power of referral programs for ecommerce businesses. Learn how you can incentivize existing customers to help grow your business.