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Introducing Instant Access Widgets! Run Low-Barrier Referral Programs on Your Website.

Drive more referrals with easy-to-use, low-barrier website referral programs using our new Instant Access Widgets.
Joel Klettke

The Advocacy Channel Ep. 19: How to Do Case Studies Right: Common Pitfalls to Avoid and the Content Gaps They Can Cover

In Episode 19, we interview expert Joel Klettke on crafting effective case studies in customer marketing. Tune in for his invaluable insights!

Referral Marketing Software: Powering Customer Acquisition

Supercharge acquisition with referral marketing software: Explore word-of-mouth strategies, benefits, and top providers for 2023.
Shannon Howard

The Advocacy Channel Ep. 18: How to Start a Customer Education Program, and Start it Off Right

In this episode we were joined by Shannon Howard who shared her deep expertise and advice in creating successful customer education programs

It’s here! The Powerful, Easy-to-Use SaaSquatch x HubSpot Integration

Everything you need to know about the all-new, easy-to-use and powerful SaaSquatch x HubSpot Referral Integration.
Blog Post – Chat GPT-min

Harnessing the Power of Chat GPT-4 to Design a Stellar Customer Referral Program

Learn how you can leverage Chat GPT-4 to help you plan and even implement an engaging and well-structured customer referral program.
Dana Alvarenga

The Advocacy Channel Ep. 17: How Customer Marketing Influences Revenue and How to Prove It

In this episode of the podcast we were joined by Dana Alvarenga who shared her deep expertise and advice in proving the value of your programs.

What is Retention Marketing?

Your best chance at growth lies with the customers you already have. Learn why you need a retention marketing strategy + how to get started.
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Why 2023 is the Year to Engage and Retain Your Existing Customers

Learn how tuning in to the customers you already have can help increase profits by up to 95%. Enhance your strategies today.

Maximizing the Value of Your Loyalty Program: The Power of Reward Exchange

What if you could let customers choose exactly what reward they want? Learn how reward exchange can maximize the value of your program.