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Intro to Myers-Briggs Personality Types

This post is going to discuss how to target user segments with the principles of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Since the early 1900s, this ...

5 Strategies To Grow Your Referral Business

Referral marketing is one of the strongest strategies you can use to grow your business, one that made Airbnb so popular, so quickly

The Beginner’s Guide to Customer Marketing

Customer marketing is the lifecycle strategy that the best companies use to retain loyal customers by delivering on brand values and exceeding expectations.

Top Mobile Marketing Trends for 2016

With mobile devices an ever-present fixture of modern life, keeping up on mobile marketing trends is more important than ever. When looking to improve ...

5 Ways to Optimize Your Loyalty Marketing

Sophisticated consumer buying behavior has created expectations that brands will consistently reward their loyalty. Adopting an omnichannel loyalty ...

Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

The world of conversion rate optimization (CRO) is full of myths and misleading information. Marketers are so hungry for pearls of wisdom that ...

Referral Marketing vs Affiliate Marketing – What’s the Difference?

We hear it often - What's the difference between referral marketing vs affiliate marketing? Read on to find out.

Our Ultimate Guide to Referral Program Optimization

Referral program optimization is an essential part of any successful referral marketing strategy. The benefits of optimization include increasing program ..

27 SaaS Webinar Marketing Examples

Webinar marketing is used by B2B companies to share their industry expertise and introduce themselves to prospective buyers that are further down the ...

Applying Consumer Behavior Principles to Your Marketing Strategy

Marketers are looking to science for insights about how and why people share. Drawing from research about psychology, consumer behavior principles