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Applying Consumer Behavior Principles to Your Marketing Strategy

Marketers are looking to science for insights about how and why people share. Drawing from research about psychology, consumer behavior principles

Loyalty Marketing Best Practices in 2016

With the shift to a membership-based economy, maintaining strong customer relationships is key. Learn how with our loyalty marketing best practices guide.

Mobile Email Campaigns in 2016 – What You Need to Know

While traditional desktop email campaigns have been passed over in favor of other marketing channels, mobile email consumer behaviors are prompting ...

How to Improve Your Retention Marketing Strategy

Check out these top industry examples of customer retention campaigns and get some inspiration for your own customer retention strategy.

6 Tactics to Improve Your App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization has become increasingly important now that there are over 3 million apps currently listed in Google Play and the Apple App Store...

Our Comprehensive Guide to Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is the only marketing channel that helps you capitalize on word-of-mouth advocacy and grow organically. Unlike paid-advertising that ..

10 Ways to Optimize Your Push Notification Strategy

Taking advantage of a push notification strategy is an effective way to reach users and provide them with immediate, actionable value...

How to Create an Effective In-App Messaging Strategy

As far as guaranteed ways to reach your audience go, an in-app messaging strategy is one of the least intrusive and most effective methods available...

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Referral Marketing

With any mobile referral marketing program, you need a sound and well-researched strategy. Use this in depth guide to help!

5 Ways to Accelerate Your Facebook Advertising Strategy

The reach of a facebook advertising strategy is staggering. One out of every five people, approximately 20% of the world’s population, has an account...