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The 15 Best Marketing Articles of 2015 (Part One)

So why not start to tackle this impressive list with the 15 best marketing articles of 2015 to date based on views, likes, tweets and shares.

How The Uber Referral Program Thinks About User Experience

We all know about the transportation company Uber, they've been the envy of the startup world and the model most angels and venture capitalists are ...

Building a Remarketing Campaign That Works

The more I work to improve key areas of Referral SaaSquatch the more I realize it's not about a single channel. It's the sum of the parts working together

5 Ways to Get Results From Your Referral Program

Referral marketing programs are unlike other customer marketing channels as their performance can directly impact the bottom line. This allows companies ...

6 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

One of the building blocks of creating an email marketing strategy is the ability to consistently grow your list with interested potential customers...

12 Activation Tactics to Experiment With Right Now

I've been spending a lot of my time thinking about activation tactics lately. It's clearly an important part of the customer lifecycle, though I'm still ...

Key Platform Upgrade: Security Management

Security Management is now available in our referral platform. Now you can manage the flow of referral rewards and sniff out any suspicious activity that ..

7 Product Marketing Tactics to Try in 2015

Product Marketing is constantly changing, you need to keep up with how consumers want to interact with your product. The experience is separated through m..

Importance of Customers and Referral Marketing

As marketing technology continues to evolve we're seeing a bigger shift towards more customer-focused marketing products and platforms. Companies are using .

13 Growth Tactics to Use in 2015

Here's a big list of growth tactics I've been putting together for my experiment backlog. I hope you can use these growth tactics in your 2015 campaigns.